In what Rasmussen Reports has labeled their “biggest poll ever” the polling firm found that fully 28% of adults (i.e. approx. 73 million Americans) now say “they know someone ‘personally’ they think died from the #CovidVaccines.”

Democrats too

Emphasizing that they “aren’t sensationalists,” the two-decade-old company pointed out Democrats share the belief that the mRNA injections are doing serious harm . A slight majority of 51% of Democrats responded that it was likely that the jabs’ side effects have “caused a significant number of unexplained deaths.”

When asked whether they personally know someone who they think may have died from the jab, Democrats answered “yes” more often than Republicans, 33% vs 26%.

Poll results showed a huge change in the public’s confidence that the shots are safe and effective. Whereas in December 2021, 32% were not confident the shots were safe and effective, today a full 48% believe there are “legitimate reasons to be concerned about the [shots’] safety.”

Data matches anecdotes

The poll’s findings match the observations of Rabbi Chananya Weissman who reported last week that post-pandemic changes of heart about the jabs have almost exclusively been in one direction.

The good news is that, with each passing day, more people are waking up . . .

Contrary to . . . reports of deathbed regrets from “anti-vaxxers” who were dying of “covid” (which media around the world coincidentally reported all in lockstep) no one who didn’t take the shots wishes they did.

No one who stopped after taking two or three wishes they went back for that toxic booster after all. Conversely, there is no end to the number of people who were bullied, blackmailed, and fooled into taking shots and wish they hadn’t. The migration from one camp to the other is entirely one-sided, and that is always a strong indicator of where the truth lies.

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Rasmussen made the full response data available on their website and their Lead Pollster, Mark Mitchell, analyzed the findings on Steve Bannon’s War Room.