Alarming information regarding COVID ‘vaccines’ continues to enter the public sector on an almost daily basis. One of Australia’s top cardiologists recently revealed a staggering percentage of his patients suffered inoculation-induced heart issues. A Moderna Super Center was forced to shut down after injuring six people only hours after opening. Life Insurance CEOs admit that payouts hit a record $100 billion in 2021. With such a wide variety of health ailments steadily rising, many citizens question what toxic ingredients might be in the mRNA elixirs. One investigator believes many of these adverse conditions can be attributed to a specific additive discovered within coronavirus immunizations.

Todd Callender is an attorney specializing in the disability, health, and insurance industries. He has over twenty year of experience in the biomedical field. Amid the pandemic era, he has served as an executive board member of several multinational companies. He was responsible for completing the FDA’s registration process regarding mass vaccination. Mr. Callender is presently serving as the lead plaintiff’s counsel in ongoing federal litigation relating to compulsory vaccination amongst military personnel. When not practicing law, the legal advisor dedicates his time to researching COVID-19 shots. During a broadcasted interview, he shared some concerning findings linking radioactive contents to the experimental jabs. Here is what he stated:

“We need to understand this [the vaccine] is one of the vectors of death being used against humanity. We are in the middle of a genocide, whether it be a genocide from the shots or death camps we call hospitals, or nuclear exchanges. We are under attack as a species. Part of that is to genetically modify us, which is what I’m arguing over in the 10th circuit court of appeals.

That genetic modification is dependent on hydrogel. It is something invented by DARPA. In the last week we’ve come to find the secret/ key ingredient [of hydrogel] is cesium-137. This is a radioactive material in the hydrogel that is now being included in insulin. They are putting it in all kinds of injectables, whether it be a tetanus shot or insulin.

They are uploading the operating system into people. That’s what the whole COVID thing was about: how to install the hydrogel, how to install the lipid nanoparticles. The cesium is in the hydrogel and the hydrogel is being put into effectively all injectables. So what we have come to find is that 5G can’t work without cesium-137. If you were to look at the nuclear regulatory commission, they have been tracking cesium-137 levels in people around the world.

The WHO, UN— every government effectively, have come to find there is a direct correlation between the cesium levels and the outbreaks of COVID. Cesium binds to human tissue. It binds to all biological materials and effectively turns them into transistors and amplifiers. It turns people (and other living beings) into an amplified antenna. The sending/ receiving of signals is amplified by virtue of this bonding of the component/ element cesium-137. That is the link we’ve found between 5G and the installation of the hardware, as Moderna put it.”

Cesium-137 is a byproduct of nuclear fission. According to the CDC, it can cause acute radiation sickness or death. Exposure or ingestion of the isotope distributes radioactive materials throughout the body’s soft tissues which increases the likelihood of cancer. Interestingly, cancer rates worldwide have reached unprecedented heights since rollouts began. Disturbingly, this connection is no mystery to the government. Federal data shows the risk of developing cancer following COVID vaccination rose by 143,233%. Simultaneously, authorities are still recommending the injections and refuse to drop their draconian mandates. It’s about time people realize what is currently transpiring is not due to incompetence. Instead, we are witnessing an insidious form of democide unfold before our very eyes.

For further reading material, check out Vax-Unvax: Let the Science Speak by Robert F. Kennedy Jr & Dr. Brian Booker, PhD.