Founded in 2018 by Darren Solman, Shocking Truth aims to inform the world about everything the mainstream media refuses to speak on. Darren is an investigative journalist, entrepreneur and upcoming author who wants the truth to be accessible to everyone without censorship.

Our Goal

The Shocking Truth’s mission is simple: let the truth be known by all.

Far too often does the mainstream media fail to fully cover subjects and matters that threaten our very way of life. When they do, the worst of the reports are censored to avoid naming and shaming those to blame.

We have provided a platform that is unafraid to share the dirty details world leaders don’t want the public to know. Choice and freewill is given back to you – the public – so that you can make up your own mind about current events without being withheld important information.

As such, Shocking Truth is an entirely independent news website that is void of any conflict of interest. With no financial support from any mainstream media, big tech company or government, the platform remains entirely uninfluenced as to maintain the truth.

The Team

Authors, editors, and investigative researchers regularly contribute to The Shocking Truth. They all work together to bring forth interesting and news-worthy content, working towards our unshifting goals. We’re a small and efficient team that’s eager to make a difference.

Our Articles

While you will find some content that have been written by our own team of authors and editors; you will also find a large selection that are sourced from third party websites; other independent news platforms and individual users who are motivated to create uncensored news articles where they are often true to the website’s fundamental aims.

What We Publish

The Shocking Truth covers all topics – from current political shifts to historical uncovering’s. However, we do have some guidelines that articles need to abide by.

The articles must:

  • Be newsworthy –  we look at the bigger picture and so stories that are irrelevant or simple gossip will be turned away.
  • Meet the minimum length – 500 words is the usually the minimum, but any highly newsworthy articles will still be considered.
  • Allow third-party publishing rights – Some independent platforms prohibit third-party sharing of their articles so make sure that we are permitted to publish them.
  • Include facts and references – Articles that are censored or include misinformation will not be considered for publication.

Our editorial team works hard to moderate all content that has been submitted to us via this platform to ensure that they are true to our goals. Please ensure that all content meets the listed requirements before sending them in to us.