For the first time in history, mRNA vaccines have been utilized on a mass scale. Nearly two years into rollouts, governments worldwide continue to push these experimental injections. Authorities claim such measures are for ‘public safety’ yet pharmaceutical companies admit their products do not prevent transmission or infection of COVID-19. Countries with the highest inoculation rates recorded significant spikes in cancers, neurological conditions, myocarditis, blood clots, and strokes. Reports of sudden deaths in seemingly healthy young people rise every week. Many concerned citizens are asking themselves: why are they still so desperate to inoculate every man, woman, and child? One Mexican researcher believes she might know the answer.

Dr. Viviane Brunet is a medical professional who specializes in gynecology and obstetrics. As more patients became immunized, she grew increasingly disturbed. An alarming number of recipients suffered severe and debilitating complications. Stranger yet, the physician began observing bizarre anomalies in babies born to vaccinated parents. Most notably, the infants’ eyes are entirely black. They appear to be developing at an exponentially accelerated rate. After studying messenger ribonucleic acid and its effects on genetics, the OBGYN suspects vaccines produce a mutation in our genome system. During an interview, Dr. Brunet shared her thoughts on these peculiar children and what she suspects the ultimate end-game is:

Madrid Market: This week I also saw you in some video with children with very round eyes, very big eyes. They were practically babies, weren’t they?

Dr. Viviane Brunet: Yes.

Madrid Market: And what happens to them? Are they physically altered?

Dr. Viviane Brunet: Yes. Yes, that’s when we have a couple who had been inoculated before the union of egg and sperm. When they got the shot. That’s mutagenic. It produces mutations in the human genome. It’s a mutagen. When those people— the already vaccinated couple, have the conception of a new being, is when transhuman children are born with different characteristics from the normal human being.

Their eyeballs are all dark. They have no conjunctiva, which is the white part of the eye. They hold up their heads two hours after birth. They walk when they are two months old. It’s a totally different evolution from the normal human being. And there’s a video that we’ve seen everywhere. It has gone viral. And only those who don’t do any research don’t realize it.

Madrid Market: And it’s a fact that these children are more numerous than normal, to begin with. And then, they’re the product of vaccine inoculations.

Dr. Viviane Brunet: It’s certainly the result of a genetic mutation caused by vaccines. Certainly. There are 6,000% more miscarriages. Those babies that reach the term of gestation and survive, we don’t know how they’re going to live.

We know that they have different characteristics. But we don’t know how they’re going to live. Whether they’re going to be stronger, more intelligent, connected to the Internet of things, as Piñera, the President of Chile, and Boris Johnson said… I mean, we don’t know.

Are they going to have the capacity to reproduce? We don’t know. Are they going to live two or ten years? We don’t know. Or twenty? We do not know. It’s a transgenic organism, like the grapes that we all eat, which have no seeds. So, most likely, when these babies reach their reproductive age, they’ll be seedless.

In fact, with a simple inoculation, many men are losing their fertility. And women are losing their normal cycles. Studies refer to 60% to 70% of them with abundant bleeding. With cramps and clots that incapacitate them for their daily life. In addition to the enormous amount of endometrial and breast cancers that are being seen in inoculated women.

Dr. Brunet has grave concerns regarding the future of our species. These shots render irreversible genetic changes. Each dose and subsequent booster transforms recipients into a progressively synthetic form. Countless centuries of natural evolution have been hijacked. Controlling this deliberate metamorphosis is a sinister force seeking complete ownership of human beings. Billions of individuals are unknowingly becoming GMO cyborgs. Perhaps our bodies are the final frontier for those seeking ultimate control. Pandora’s box is now open and there is no turning back. Transhumanism is not a vague concept in the distant future— it’s already here.

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