It is no secret that some world elites and rich people would like nothing more than to depopulate the world. Many of them hide behind the guise of “improving human living conditions and ecology” but we know many of them would like that to happen because of economic gain. Their philosophy being that, with fewer people in the world, wealth would not have to be thinly distributed. The less people to share wealth with, the more wealth can be concentrated to the few.

The funny thing is, these are the people we have and are still looking up to as “saviors” and “philanthropists”. People who seem to be at the fore front of “helping humanity” by funding charities and funding research for vaccines for life-threatening diseases. With their true intent coming to light, it is easy to say their philanthropy has more sinister reasons than just to help humanity.


In an interview, Stanley Johnson, father of Boris Johnson and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Conservative Party said that he believes that the rising population of the world is the main problem to be tackled. He believes that the world, using Great Britain as an example, cannot cater for its rising population. In his words, in economic terms, “…how can you sustain increases in per capita income…when you have a rising population without rising economic growth…” His concern from the interview was the ability of world governments to sustain their rising populations by pushing for a declining population which he “…would aim for…” It is at the point where the world population declines that he believes a stable economic growth and an increase in per capita income can be achieved.

When asked what he believed the world population could cater for, he emphatically stated that for Britain, only ten to fifteen million can be catered for by 2025. He said this without remorse and even laughed. One question I would ask the man would be how they hoped to achieve this economic depopulation? But as we are currently in one of the craziest times the world has ever seen, the question I had has already been answered. The Covid-19 virus is not to be feared – it is the vaccines that is the key issue; where huge numbers of citizens have died due to the vaccine adverse reactions. The global Covid-19 vaccination program is the genocide plan of which the world’s elite have been speaking about for sometime.

The problem with his position is the fact that he and all those who take this stand have yet to consider the fact that income per capita has increased with the increasing population. A comment on his interview states that in 1930 when Britain’s population was less than half of what it is today, people were not twice as rich. This means that with decreased population, the per capita income of the existing population would only be able to cater for them, the same as we have now with world population being as it is. The per capita income would not be doubled. It would reduce the same way the population reduces. Therefore, whatever they hope to achieve with a decreased population, would not in fact be achievable. One can only say that they wish to have an elitist society and their positions show their contempt for humanity.

In a forecast for 2025, based on Stanley Johnson’s position, Britain’s population would drop from sixty-six million to fifteen million with a density of fifty-nine inhabitants per square kilometers as opposed to the present two hundred and sixty-eight. Gross Domestic Product would drop to $197 billion from $2.6 trillion. Based on the figures, we see that the world is actually catering for its population and gunning for a reduced population does not do more than create fear in the hearts of the masses concerning how the world leaders plan on achieving a low population.

Another proponent and perhaps the biggest of them all for world depopulation is Bill Gates, world’s most involved philanthropist. He has been actively proposing and funding the vaccine depopulation agenda and has gone on record to say that depopulation is one of the best ways to reduce Carbon dioxide (CO2) production. In his words, the world population which has added up to about nine billion can be controlled “…if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive services, we could lower that by ten or fifteen percent…” This gives us an insight into the real motive behind support for vaccine development.

How do we trust vaccines when they are attached to a bid for depopulation? The idea of Eugenics has been raised at different points in time as a solution to world overpopulation. Eugenics which is an advocacy for improving the human species by selectively mating people with specific desirable hereditary traits, which in my opinion is a messed up way of population control. Who decides what traits are desirable? And what happens to the people with “undesirable” traits? Would these “desirable” traits be physical or mental?”

All these are reasons why I, personally and a lot of people do not trust the philanthropists of the world. Another controversial issue came with the COVID-19 vaccinations which apart from the fact that they were hurriedly developed (granted, the world needed a vaccine for the rapidly killing COVID virus) and did not undergo the normal tests procedures vaccines go through. Certain facts about the vaccines have been brought up including the fact that the effect of the COVID-9 mRNA Vaccine is unknown in newborns or infants. Also, the impact of the vaccines on fertility is unknown, which normally is one of the variables considered when vaccines are being developed. They were however able to determine that the vaccine had no effect on one’s ability to drive in the long run.

Fertility is not that important. It is only our ability to procreate and populate the world. The idea that depopulation would help preserve world resources is not a new thing and has a violent history. Women have been forced to birth fewer children and the most vulnerable people have been forced to bear the brunt of this drive for lower populations. People deemed unfit or undesirable. It has taken the form of eugenics in the twentieth century to mass murder in the Holocaust and compulsory sterilization in India and China’s one-child policy. These techniques have undermined the more humane ways medically developed such as family planning practices. It is an idea to be watched and guarded against.

Recent development concerning the Covid-19 vaccinations has seen people who have been vaccinated dying of the disease, which brings us to question the effectiveness of the vaccine. Questions have already been asked by medical personnel all over the world about whether the pandemic was natural or man-made in the first place. People have also been unsure about if the vaccines developed went through the right procedures and validations.

Dr. Tony Fauci, aptly dubbed “America’s fakest doctor”, who had been from the beginning, a staunch supporter of the vaccinations has come out to admit that those vaccinated are actively spreading the virus to others, in response to the new delta variant of the vaccine that has caused deaths.
This seems to confirm people’s fears that the vaccines were not properly developed and tested. Fauci claims that the new delta variant easily spreads from person to person and creates what he called breakthrough infections even in those already inoculated against the virus. This begs the question of why people are still being compelled to take the vaccines that obviously are not effective. The reasons being given is that the vaccine minimizes symptoms and prevent hospitalizations. The problem is that these vaccines are not even effectively minimizing symptoms or preventing hospitalizations.

A survey carried out has shown that more people who have been vaccinated die from the virus than those who were not vaccinated. Even with the evidence against the vaccine, which is that it is making things worse and killing more people, Fauci is still telling people to go and get vaccinated.
Fauci’s words have always been under scrutiny as everything he says have often been proven to be false.

With the development brought about by the vaccines, it serves as a confirmation of a well-orchestrated depopulation plan with the aid of these ineffective vaccines. The origin of the pandemic itself has always been called to question and the evidence on ground seem to confirm that it is man-made, in a bid to control the population. The vaccine has been mandated in many states, schools and organizations. Many cannot return to work or if they have not been vaccinated. It has come to a point where no one has a right to decide not to be vaccinated. People’s rights to choose what happens to their bodies have been violated. The drive for this vaccine is rather suspicious in light of people’s fears and the evidence from statements made by the so-called elites.

What is really concerning is that Stanley Johnson’s recommended figures also match the population forecast that shows the UK’s total population of 14 million by 2025.  The population stands at 66 million which means a projection of 52 million people are projected to be killed by the end of 2025. It’ll probably be due to the lethal vaccines then.