Just over one percent of the U.S. population – 4.4 million Americans – have been boosted with the Omicron-plus booster so far, according to the Wall Street Journal.

According to authorities, there “wasn’t enough time” to conduct human trials on the new bivalent vaccine, given the “emergency situation” with so many people contracting Omicron. Instead, the bivalent (addressing two variants) vaccine was tested on eight mice. All eight contracted COVID, but those dosed with the new improved shot reportedly had an “enhanced response”.

These animal trials did not help Carol Pearce.  Seven minutes after she was injected with the bivalent shot, she was dead.

While anaphylactic shock is a known side effect of vaccines, and people with a history of allergic reactions are urged to exercise caution regarding COVID shots, Carol was, according to her family, perfectly healthy prior to her bivalent vaccine.

Authorities have since determined that Pearce died of natural causes.

“The Saskatchewan coroner’s service has investigated this instance and determined that the person died from natural causes,” said Dale Hunter, communications consultant from the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health in an email to Sask Today.

Pearce’s daughter disagrees. “I do not believe this was caused from natural causes. My Mom had no health conditions. I believe had she not gotten that Covid shot then she would be here with us today,” she said. “She left for her appointment happy and energetic.”

The daughter added that she was told by the doctor that her mother “dropped dead before she hit the floor” while still in the drug store where she got the shot.

People in the drug store were traumatized by the event. Sask Today quotes one lady they call “Heather” whom they “agreed to let . . . remain anonymous . . . as she fears losing her job.”

“People started screaming. People were crying, just about everybody what worked there was crying and freaking and hugging each other,” she said. “They were saying in the store that it was about seven minutes” after getting the shot – which was confirmed by Pearce’s daughter, who said that her mother texted her right after the shot to tell her that she was waiting the required 15 minutes after the shot to make sure everything looks okay.

A few days later, a Twitter user registered as “Heart” visited the drug store posing as someone interested in getting her own booster dose.

“I have a question regarding the safety of it; have you had any issues, recently, like anybody—”

“Um, yeah, I mean, like there is a possibility of side effects.”

“What kind of side effects?”

“Sore arm, fever, that kind of thing.”

“Um, I heard that somebody died here two days ago—”

“Oh, no, we’re not commenting on that.”

“If I want to get a shot, shouldn’t I know these things first?”

“We’re not commenting on that – that’s on my manager’s orders.”