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In what Rasmussen Reports has labeled their “biggest poll ever” the polling firm found that fully 28% of adults (i.e. approx. 73 million Americans) now say “they know someone ‘personally’ they think died from the #CovidVaccines.” Democrats too Emphasizing that they “aren’t sensationalists,” the two-decade-old company pointed out Democrats share the belief that the mRNA

Alarming information regarding COVID ‘vaccines’ continues to enter the public sector on an almost daily basis. One of Australia’s top cardiologists recently revealed a staggering percentage of his patients suffered inoculation-induced heart issues. A Moderna Super Center was forced to shut down after injuring six people only hours after opening. Life Insurance CEOs admit that

A new tranche of documents released by America First Legal Tuesday reveals the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) had a private portal set up with Twitter to expeditiously censor certain COVID-19 content. In a May 2021 email to CDC Digital Media Affairs Chief Carol Crawford, a Twitter employee named Todd O’Boyle appears to

Dr. Anthony Fauci revealed in a deposition last month he is “bothered” by civil rights group America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) and finds statements made by the medical rights organization on early COVID treatments to be “troublesome”. The deposition, which lasted seven hours, is part of a lawsuit filed in May by Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt

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Registered Nurse Michelle Gershman has been working in the postpartum ward of a hospital in Fresno, California since November of 2020 . As such, she began working with mothers and babies during the COVID pandemic period but prior to the vaccine roll-out, and was able to observe that things continued pretty much as normal on

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the BBC has been desperately trying to attack the neo-civil rights movement for promoting not-the-government’s (NTG) science – a difficult task when the “COVID-denying misinformation conspiracy theories” keep being proven correct. In September 2020 for example, the BBC seethed against famed rock singer-songwriter Van Morrison for writing a song

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Among the over-4,000 Twitter employees Elon Musk has laid off since his stewardship began nearly two weeks ago are members of the company’s “Human Rights team”. While the nature of the little-known Human Rights team’s activities is unclear, one former member who was laid off this month clarified the team was charged with carrying out

A recent tweet by WebMD promoting CVS’ Minute Clinic confirms that COVID-19 symptoms are similar to those of the common cold and flu. “#COVID, a cold and the #flu can cause similar symptoms but require different treatment approaches. If you experience symptoms, @MinuteClinic board-certified providers can evaluate your condition and recommend an appropriate treatment plan: