Mainstream media “fact-checkers” are denying that Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx suffered an injury from the COVID-19 vaccine despite reports. Frontline News first broke the story that Foxx’s medical condition, reported as a “mystery illness” by news media, was most likely a stroke caused by the COVID-19 vaccine according to a world-class physician with personal knowledge. Foxx was

One of the top animated comedy shows in history, “Family Guy,” is going all-in for the establishment after releasing a propaganda promo pushing experimental mRNA Covid vaccines.Released Tuesday, the “Family Guy” PSA put together in tandem with the Ad Council urges people to get vaccinated for the good of the masses. In the clip, Stewie

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A company called BiteLabs claimed that it could make artisanal salami composed of celebrity DNA. They claimed that they could produce meat that has been lab-grown from celebrity tissue. The process included taking a small sample of stem cells which could be used to grow and repair damaged muscles from a celebrity. These cells will