Even though Elon Musk has taken over Twitter, there are still some rogue employees who are determined to play their old games. That’s likely why Mark Finchem had his account suspended and changed to a “read-only” mode. That meant he could post nothing, just a week before midterm elections. Mark is a conservative politician who

In a video posted to Twitter by the “Indivisible” group, which was “brought together by a practical guide to resist the Trump agenda,” Hillary Clinton endorsed the group and its “Crush the Coup” campaign. Crush the Coup, an answer to the Republicans’ Stop the Steal, appears to be already anticipating a Republican win and has

blue and white flag on pole

This sort of criticism of US-EU-Israeli foreign policy would never be allowed in the USG Congress. Quite frankly, I am surprised the European Parliament didn’t cut the mic on MEPs Mick Wallace and Clare Daly. There's something about the Irish 🔥 pic.twitter.com/8LY64wnNJb — sarah (@sahouraxo) October 20, 2022 We rightly have a problem with Russia

While many governments have been moving on from the COVID-19 pandemic, with Joe Biden even declaring it officially “over,” Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appears unable to let go and is still threatening his citizens with an encore of his harsh mandates. “If we are able to get a high enough level of vaccination, we

The Truth about America’s Elections Since his first political appearance, Donald Trump has been one to cause controversy throughout America. Whether that be due to his obnoxious tweets or seemingly unrealistic accusations of other politicians, he has been the focus of many tabloids since the start of his political campaign. However, many of the policies

The 2020 elections in the United States of America has brought about a lot of discussion ranging from the veracity of the results to how the results might have been manipulated. A recently resurfaced video of Hilary Clinton speaking about Silicon Valley tech experts planning to shut down the servers where votes are sent to

Liberal actor Russell Brand sparked controversy over the weekend after highlighting how the 2016 Clinton presidential campaign concocted its phony Russia-gate conspiracy to attack opponent Donald Trump.Posting to his YouTube channel last Thursday, Brand claimed he was “flabbergasted” and “gobsmacked” by recent revelations proving the Clinton campaign conspired to invent the Russia collusion narrative. In

Fans attending college football games at some of the nation’s largest stadiums joined in spontaneously chanting, “Fuck Joe Biden,” during opening weekend. Fans attending the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers game against the Citadel Bulldogs on Thursday may have been the first to be recorded chanting the phrase. FUCK @JoeBidenhttps://t.co/t8b4lEJCq1 — قدرت مردم (@powerpeople_) September 4, 2021

WORLD DEPOPULATION It is no secret that some world elites and rich people would like nothing more than to depopulate the world. Many of them hide behind the guise of “improving human living conditions and ecology” but we know many of them would like that to happen because of economic gain. Their philosophy being that,