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Statistics provided by the US Department of Defense, in 2003, outlined that there were around 725 American military bases positioned that year overseas in 38 countries, including the presence of 100,000 American soldiers in Europe.  A decade later, by 2012 there was an increase to 750 US military bases in existence globally, including 1.4 million

Since the publication of this article a redundant debate is unfolding as to who actually ordered the Nord Stream terror attack. Unequivocally, this act of sabotage was ordered by the President of the United States. “We will, I promise you, we will be able to do that”, says Joe Biden (February 7, 2022) The Nord

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This sort of criticism of US-EU-Israeli foreign policy would never be allowed in the USG Congress. Quite frankly, I am surprised the European Parliament didn’t cut the mic on MEPs Mick Wallace and Clare Daly. There's something about the Irish 🔥 pic.twitter.com/8LY64wnNJb — sarah (@sahouraxo) October 20, 2022 We rightly have a problem with Russia