The Illuminati: Denver International Airport

There are some who believe in a conspiracy that surrounds the newly developed Denver International Airport, where many claim it was built by a mysterious group that are making plans for a New World Order to exist.

The great thing about this conspiracy is that there’s much proof to support this theory as a plaque encompasses a masonic square within the newly constructed airport, along with a compass symbol, all of which are both used by the Freemasons who are deeply connected with the Illuminati. The list of proof doesn’t end there though…

From what we know, there is a bunker underneath the airport that will house all of the worlds elite should a global catastrophe should occur. Of course there are other theories, this one seems much more realistic however. On the outside of the Airport stands an ‘evil’ giant horse statue that is 32 feet in height and the colloidal statue is known to have famously murdered its creator by falling on his head and severing an artery – and this beast is known to locals as ‘Blucifer’. Its real name is ‘Blue Mustang’. Alongside this creepy statue are other demonic gargoyles decorating the airport. In celebration of the Denver Airport’s 24th birthday, it is heard that the staff at the airport had welcomed an animatronic gargoyle to prank unbeknownst passers-by, to welcome visitors to the ‘Illuminati headquarters’.

But why do people think this airport is a headquarters to some of the world’s most powerful secret society? To this day, the notoriously bizarre airport is shrouded with secrecy. Even before the airport opened, conspiracy theorists were conspiring about the possibility of involvement between the Freemasons and the Illuminati – the blueprints had just been developed. The Illuminati and Freemasons aren’t the only cults that have been the topic of suspicion though, as some theorists have conspired against Neo-Nazis and Reptoids too! These claims are usually based on the eerily accurate swastika shape represented on the grounds of the airport, as well as the creepy statues scattered throughout the grounds.

People have always wondered why this airport was built in the first place; there was already a fully functioning airport nearby, closer to downtown; which connected many international flights. It simply doesn’t make any sense for a new denver airport to co-exist. The new Denver airport is massive, a whopping 140 km² to be precise, which is more than twice the size of Manhattan, and cost $2,000,000,000 of taxpayers money over their original budget. Nowhere in the history of earth has a government ‘overspent’ on a construction as much as this one, an over expenditure of two million dollars sounds reasonable… but $2 billion? There has to be some secret agenda in motion; otherwise what would the point in wasting so much money? Not only was it over budget; but it took much longer to complete that they expected it to. Also, what is with the creepy statues that have been dotted around the place that no one understands? It just doesn’t make any sense; other to conclude that the conspiracists who are often branded ‘idiots’, are in fact correct about the conspiracy after all.

Other creepy murals within the airport include a creepy devil jumping out of a suitcase, as well as a statue of Anubis (an egyptian God of embalming and death… nice!). Some of the airports most controversial murals have now been removed – a Nazi officer in a gas mask, children in front of a burning building, and kids gathered around a knife. Now, why on earth would a normal airport display such atrocious statues? What ideas do they convey? Some have interpreted the murals as America submitting to Germany; it depicts a boy scout handing a boy in traditional Bavarian clothing his weapons. Many people believe this much money and space must be concealing something sketchy – here are some of the craziest conspiracies surrounding the airport.

The Nazi’s

Some conspiracists point to the fact that the airport was built by a mysterious group. A dedication marker and plaques around the airport are engraved, where it maintains that the construction was funded by “The New World Airport Commission,” but a little digging shows that no such group seems to exist, which is why people believe it is in actuality the Nazi group – The New World Order. Also on the same dedication marker is an engraving of the Square and Compasses. The square and a set of compasses that are joined together is the most identifiable symbol of the Freemasons. It is an architect’s tools that is used in Masonic rituals to teach symbolic lessons. The square and compass also contains the letter ‘G’, which stands for Geometry.

Illuminati Headquarters

The plaques aforementioned in the introduction of this chapter are once again relevant; there’s one placed over a time capsule (a historic cache of goods or information, usually intended as a deliberate method of communication with future people, and to help future archaeologists, anthropologists, or historians) that also has a masonic square, a compass symbol, and an inscription that gives the time capsule’s contents to the ‘people of Colorado in 2094’ – all symbols pointing to Freemasonry, and the Illuminati.

On top of this, the airport building costs were more expensive than the board had originally hypothesised, and theorists believe this money went towards building the headquarters. Rumor depicts that the first few times they tried to build HQs, they messed up, but instead of demolishing the remains they just built on top of them – creating one big super-secret underground lair. But whether it is the headquarters for the Illuminati or some other satanic cult connected to the New World Order, we really don’t know but there is definitely something eerie going on.


You have probably heard a lot of fuss surrounding numbers, when looking into many conspiracy theories. Multiples of 3, 6, 9, so on… They all ‘mean something’ in the theoretical world, and eerily enough some of them make complete sense. The airport’s dedication is March 19th, 1994. If you were to add those numbers together: 1+9+1+9+9+4 — you get 33, the highest level one can achieve in Freemasonry and which represents perfection.

Fallout Shelters

Theorists estimate that amongst this huge airport are bunkers, hidden. Underground tunnels and secret bunkers are estimated to have the capabilities of hiding members of the elite, should an ‘apocalypse’ break out. Apparently, when the airport was first built, it housed a newfangled automated baggage system in its bowels, but the system never worked. Despite its astronomical cost and the amount of space it takes up, it was never fixed – many believe it was a way to cover up the existence of multiple tunnels leading to an underground bunker.

One banner reads, “Construction? Or coverup?” next to an image of a hard hat bearing the Illuminati symbol. Alongside this are around three or four ‘funny’ photoshopped images poking fun at Conspiracy Theories that have been formulated over the years. What do you think? Like many modern airports, the DIA consists of a central building complex surrounded by runways and connected to them with taxiways.

This particular layout does allow for an extremely efficient configuration of planes to arrive and depart from the runways simultaneously without plane movements overlapping. The large distance between parallel runways provides more room around aircraft in bad weather, as Denver is well known for high winds and extremely unpredictable weather. It also allows for adding more parallel runways into the future.

As aforementioned, however, you can see from an aerial view the resemblance to a Nazi Swastika… Some say it looks more like a pinwheel shape, but I think considering the historical context of this airport alongside all of the evidence we have gathered and the demonic statues, it would definitely make sense for this to have been intentionally designed to resemble a swastika.

The Media

One article that was written by the Guardian (a British newspaper), says the Airport is ‘trolling’ conspiracy theorists, but I can’t help but think this is highly unlikely. Why go to such extreme lengths to ensure conspiracy theorists look silly? Then there’s also the question of such large amounts of money being spent on a bunker that (apparently – according to the government); is not in use. I am sure they have bigger things on their plate than to spend tax payers money on mocking conspiracy theorists; don’t you agree?

The title of The Guardian article reads, “‘Remodelling the lizard people’s lair’: Denver airport trolls conspiracy theorists”. I believe this nonsense by the Zionist controlled media is an attempt to try and sway peoples minds to make conspiracists look silly. But what evidence does the Guardian tabloid have, to prove that there is no conspiracy surrounding Denver airport? None. Nada. Zilch.