Why would they hide their child?

The theory of Charles and Diana hiding a child wouldn’t surprise me, Queen Elizabeth the Queen mother was known for being a bit evil, and shoving her nieces with additional needs in a mental institute, so her passing this gene down a generation wouldn’t exactly be shocking. The Royal family, as well as cold blooded, are also cold-hearted.

But…Diana wasn’t anything like the Queen – Diana was compassionate and loving, and even if she did have a secret child with Charles, it must have been a secret for a reason.

American tabloid claims ‘Sarah’ is Charles and Diana’s IVF daughter and says she is the result of a fertilized embryo implanted into the doctor’s wife. The tabloid; Globe, goes as far as to claim Kate had a ’44 minute’ meeting with ‘Sarah’. This ridiculous tale has even caught the attention of the Spanish media Prepare to be shocked, Prince William was not his mother’s first child. He actually has a secret sister, now 33, called Sarah and she lives incognito in a small New England town in the United States. How would this have been possible, considering William was born in June 1982, 11 months after his parents’ marriage? In December 1980, Diana, then a 19-year-old virgin, was ordered by the Queen to undergo gynaecological tests to establish that she was capable of carrying children before her engagement to the heir to the throne could be announced. The tests proved successful, and the engagement of Charles and Diana was duly announced. Charles, asked if they were in love, responded with his famously cynical observation, ‘Whatever in love means’ — and the embryos were ordered to be destroyed.

The baby, a girl, was born in October 1981, ten weeks after Charles and Diana’s fairy-tale wedding on July 29 of that year, and eight months before William’s own birth on June 21, 1982, in the Lindo Wing of St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington, where fans are already camping out to catch the first glimpse of Kate and William emerging with their new baby.

There’s more. Sarah is reported as claiming that as she was growing up, she was always being told that she was ‘a dead ringer’ for Diana. Then, in her late 20s, her parents were both killed in a car accident. After their deaths, she came across a diary which revealed that she was the product of a donated embryo and of in vitro fertilisation (IVF), which was still in its infancy in the early 1980s.

The Truth

The truth is, none of this story is true. Princess Diana did not have a secret daughter. If they did, the Royals would have wanted it to be known. What news is better than the announcement of a royal wedding and a birth of a new child? If that wasn’t enough to convince you, then perhaps this will. It was Globe magazine that originally published the article claiming that Diana had a secret daughter, but they had never provided any evidence to back up any of their claims. The magazine has been caught publishing false news for years; (especially about the Royal family), in the hope that it would get them noticed – and increase their magazine sales! Anyone who works for a tabloid would know very well that shocking news titles help boost their paper sales. It’s a common fact.

Princess Diana did not have a secret daughter.