Watching the 1998 movie, the Truman Show starring Jim Carrey, gives us a true idea of the world in which we live, in which everything we know or think we know has been carefully arranged by the elite in a bid to control the world and its inhabitants. From the beginning of time, the world has gone through a series of leaders, mere men who wanted to be gods and did everything within their power to be so called. Men have struggled for world domination using every means possible, from genocide to religious crusades and to lifetime leadership. World domination is a political system where a single authority wields power over all inhabitants of the earth.

Empires have risen and fallen over the centuries whose leaders tried to conquer the world and bring it under their rule. From the Ming dynasty in China to Nazi Germany, the Ottoman Empire to Alexander the Great’s Macedonian dynasty, the French empire to the Roman Empire, the Russian and Mongol empires among others. All these empires and dynasties have one thing in common; world domination. Although they ultimately failed, a greater dynasty, under the innocent name of corporations have taken their place in a quest for world domination. Everything from politics and the education systems to healthcare and pharmaceuticals have been taken over by these corporations, many of them under the guise of helping the world. These corporations form charities in the name of making the world a better place while systematically taking over every facet of human living.

The Truman show is a science fiction movie in which the titular character does not know his life, including everyone and everything he knew were all simulations of reality. He had been adopted from birth by a corporation that controlled his life and everything he did, inside what was called the “largest studio ever constructed.” Truman’s life, from birth into adulthood was controlled by Christof, played by Ed Harris and who in this case is the all-powerful “god” with a desire to control life and being watched by the whole real world. He had about five thousand cameras trained on him every day and night. He lived in the same place all his life and his ideas of exploring the world were squashed. He had a fake wife and a fake friend, who both served to give him reasons to remain where he was. Everything in the town of Seahaven which was the name of the town in which he grew up was geared towards making him remain there and not try to leave.

He lived this way for thirty years without suspecting anything. When Christof was asked why Truman had not found out that he was the star of a reality show and not real life, Christof answered and said:

“We accept the world with which we are presented.”

Truman had fallen in love with a girl, named Sylvia when he was in college, who had tried to tell him the truth but was subsequently fired from the show. He began to act erratically like when he drove in circles with his wife in the car. He tried to get away after noticing these errors and eventually did. He brought up concerns about the errors he found out to his friend who downplayed them and told him, “The last thing I would ever do is lie to you.”

There are other aspects of the Truman Show’s plots that are oddly similar to recent occurrences in our world today. Truman lived his life unsuspecting until errors began to show up on set, like when a stage light marked ‘Sirius’ fell from the “sky”. Sirius is an extremely important star in Freemasonry; of which the movie has several Freemason symbolic related references. The falling stage prop brings to mind the falling “space debris” found in different parts of the world including Vietnam. Locals found large orbs in Tuyen Quang Province and neighboring Yen Bai region and the authorities determined that they were compressed air tanks from an aircraft or rocket, which may belong to an old satellite that they may be the result of a failed satellite launch.

Fireballs were spotted and fell near an Andean community in Southeastern Peru. The Peruvian Air Force confirmed that the fireball was a Russian space rocket reentering Earth’s atmosphere. These explanations may have calmed the collective panic but they are questionable at best. These space rockets are solar powered and would not need any other power source, so the explanations that they were space fuel tanks do not make sense.

Antarctica is heavily protected by the military by a treaty signed in 1961 which prevents independent explorers from travelling there, unless they are parts of pre-approved scientific research tours that are highly restricted. This brings to mind Truman’s words:

“Personally I think the unconquered south face is the only one worth scaling. It’s a 20,000-foot sheer wall of ice, but that’s never stopped me before. Risk? Course I’m aware of the risks. Thank you for your concern.”

The restrictions around certain areas of the world may be in a bid to keep the world ignorant of the dome, which is not unlike Truman’s great studio dome, under which we live. Just as Truman was not meant to find out that the life he lived was a simulation, controlled by the whim of the one man, Christof, restrictions are placed on where humans can go or cannot go to protect the idea of a real life which the whole world exists in, at the whim of the elite. The world we live in today has fallen into just such a pattern where everything we know are not actually original thoughts. They are thoughts and ideologies planted in our minds through the orchestrated educational system. We only learn what the select few want the masses to know.

The Truman Show serves as a reminder that the life we live may not be what it seems. We should question authority and what we are told to do every day. We should consider the events that have impacted our lives up to the present and determine how much of our lives we actually control. The movie reminds us to not mindlessly go with the flow, but to ask questions especially of occurrences that we do not understand.