The 2020 elections in the United States of America has brought about a lot of discussion ranging from the veracity of the results to how the results might have been manipulated. A recently resurfaced video of Hilary Clinton speaking about Silicon Valley tech experts planning to shut down the servers where votes are sent to further increased the unrest among the populace.

In her own words, she claims that “Some tech experts in Silicon Valley with whom I have met who say that you know, maybe what they’ll do this next time is to really disrupt the actual election. Shut down the servers that you send results to. Interfere with the operation of voting machines because still, too many of them are linked to the internet. So there we are still very vulnerable.”

Many people already have a reason to doubt the election results. Many believe that the Big Tech and Big Media have been meddling in elections. This video and what Hillary Clinton said only confirms their suspicions. Many have been suspecting that the voting machines were connected to the internet, making votes vulnerable to tampering.

The problem with Hillary making this statement is not that it is true or not. The problem is the reaction of the Big Media and Big Techs to this statement, especially to those making them. Hillary Clinton and other Democrats made this statement and no one batted an eye. However, when such statements were made in respect to the 2020 elections, Big Tech and Big Media immediately attacked such statements.

This is enough to increase suspicions that they attacked this because they liked the results of the 2020 elections and did not do anything about Hillary Clinton and other democrats making the same statements earlier because it seemed to further their cause.

A forensic audit of the Maricopa county, Arizona votes was carried out and a hearing by the Arizona senate to examine the forensic audit results was held. At the end of the senate hearing, Senator Wendy Rogers unveiled a letter signed by 41 state legislators from different states calling for a 50-state wide audit, the results of which should lead to a desertification of the 2020 election if it is found to be flawed. They are calling his move the “new Declaration of Independence”. The forensic probe on Maricopa County 2020 election found multiple election integrity issues and ballot errors, raising severe doubts regarding the integrity if the election results.

Wendy Rogers says it is a matter of “state’s rights” and that they are the states of the United States of America that “give the federal government their power.” She continued by saying that the “US Constitution gives us the plenary power to oversee the US Presidential Elections, and so today, you got the truth.” In her speech, Rogers states that they will keep the narrative, stay focused and persevere regardless of what the left says.

This statement and the unveiling came after the probe exposed thousands of discrepancies and issues with the EV32 and EV33 ballot forms as well as a number of other serious election integrity problems. The revelations from the audit are enough to bring down Biden’s electoral vote count by eleven.

Many attempts had been made to block and stop the audit from going on, including exchange of funds in order to stop the audit from happening.

Arizona GOP Chair, Dr. Kelli Ward and State Senator Warren Petersen have both called on the state’s Attorney General, Mark Brnovich to take action based on the results of the election probe carried out on Maricopa County’s 2020 elections. Former Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett argued that various state laws had been broken by Maricopa County during the election. Senator Warren Petersen called on Attorney General Mark Brnovich stating that “A failure to comply with the auditor, a brazen willingness to violate a legal subpoena…” is against the law. He went further to say that it was “truly alarming…their willingness to expend significant resources, human capital…to block the audit. As I recall it was $18,000 for one of their audits that they spent money on. How much money have they spent trying to stop our audit? It has to be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. That would be an interesting number to see.”

According to Petersen, it was a serious issue that the numbers did not tally and that all citizens should be able to pull up election results and make sure they are correct. Among the discrepancies found was possible ballot duplication and Petersen declares a need to confirm if the law had been broken, how to prevent it in the future and hold the people responsible for the errors accountable.

Dr. Kelli Ward also said that the media was complicit in the actions of those who rigged the election results and “…put an illegitimate regime into effect,” calling the media “a propaganda arm of the left.” She continued that the media and others involved are pushing the country into “authoritarianism, totalitarianism, and communism.”

It is still unclear if Brnovich will properly investigate the audit. It is reported that Brnovich is an ally of the election integrity efforts and has reluctantly helped the Republicans since election day of 2020. He had earlier appeared in television claiming that election malfeasance could not possibly have happened in Arizona. He claimed that using Sharpie markers to fill out ballots would not have an impact on the election, despite knowing that they cause issues with ballots and the concern of Americans about the demand to use them.

President Donald Trump in a statement made on September 24th supports the need for a national audit saying, “The numbers are changing!” He cited the evidence presented by the Arizona Audit results. He added that “Arizona must immediately decertify their 2020 Presidential Election Results.”

One of the most important findings from the audit was presented by Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, who discovered over 17,000 duplicate ballots, as well as many other issues like “verified and approved” stamps on ballot envelopes printed behind the page. These issues among others seem to confirm what many people think. That the 2020 elections had been tampered with.