A Hollywood casting director and publicist who wept in rapture after taking the COVID-19 injections “died suddenly” this month. 

According to E! Online, “Hollywood is mourning the loss” of 48-year-old Scout Masterson, a publicist who was once nominated for a Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Award for Outstanding Casting for a Limited or Anthology Series or Movie. 

Hollywood celebrities are paying tribute to Masterson, including superstar Denise Richards, Tori Spelling, Jenna Dewan and Hilarie Burton. 

On March 16, 2021, Masterson got the COVID-19 injection the first day he was eligible. He became so wrapped up in the fervor of the shot that he wept. 

“Finally today. I was eligible for a vaccine,” Masterson wrote in an Instagram post. “After a year of hiding from the world beyond our house. It was amazing to take that 1st shot. I cried. Not because of the needle. I cried because I was so excited to know that soon I’ll be protected. As protected as I can be.” 

Masterson went on to say that he also get injected for the good of others, and that anyone who questions the shot or COVID-19 will have their comments deleted. 

“I got the vaccine, not only for me, but for all of these beautiful people in the following pictures. Thx to my friend @glamourous1 for finding me an appointment on day 1. XOXO. (NOTE: Comments that say the vaccine is a hoax. Or coronavirus doesn’t exist will be DELETED.)” 

There has been no cause of death mentioned, nor even mention of an investigation into the cause of death. 

“Scout Masterson’s cause of death remains a mystery: his family is yet to release information about his passing. The only information available to the public was that Masterson’s death was unexpected,” reported The Netline. 

“Sudden Death? ???? Cause of death not disclosed? ???? Seems to be a lot of this lately. Very suspicious if you ask me. #BidensMandatedCovidVaccination,” wrote one netizen in response to news of Masterson’s death. 

“Got the ‘special sauce’ 77 weeks ago. #scoutmasterson #diedsuddenly,” wrote another. 

“So so many young dying every day at historic numbers and alot are ‘unknown’. Hmmmm. I hope people are gonna wake up soon!” tweeted yet another.