A while ago, the InfoWars host; Alex Jones, had supported the idea that Michelle Obama is a man; also stating that he has proof; although that so-called ‘proof’ was nothing but a load of nonsense. However, there is also another conspiracy – one that is about him. He has claimed that he is Bill Hicks; a comedian that had died in 1994, due to pancreatic cancer; or so we were told.

For those that don’t know who he is, Alexander Emric Jones is an American radio show host and one of the most popular conspiracy theorists around. He found fame and wealth in providing the public with news information that many media outlets dare speak about. He hosts The Alex Jones Show from Austin, Texas, which airs in the United States and online.

For many years, he has made many wild claims; such as how the Sandy Hook shootings had been staged with crisis actors being involved. Another weird claim is that he’s someone else – someone that was officially announced dead many years ago. But despite those shocking claims he made, could any of them be true? For this article we’ll just focus on our attention to the Bill Hicks story.

Alex Jones said on his show that he is the well-loved stand-up comedian, Bill Hicks. But what a shocking claim that is, as if it is indeed true, then he must have faked his own death. Shortly after Jones had made the comment on his internet television and radio show, tens of thousands of his loyal watchers and listeners were searching to find out if there was actually any truth to the claim being made.

“Yes, I am Bill Hicks. But to be more accurate, you didn’t get it all; did you? You didn’t get the full conspiracy. I played the character… Bill Hicks. For 15 years of my accomplish with Kevin Booth and we fooled you all. The master actor – the master genius, and then I decided to bring forward an even more incredible persona, that of Alex Jones.”  – Alex Jones

The Truth

It turns out that the photos of the two that have been distributed across the internet have been manipulated in order for them to appear identical, and this gives more reason to believe that Alex Jones was behind this conspiracy. And just in case any of you still believe he could be Bill Hicks, I have obtained both birth records for Jones and Hicks from the genealogy website, Ancestry. This confirms they are two separate people and even shows they were born in two different states. If that wasn’t enough; we’ve also managed to find photos of the two from when they were in school and the pair do not look similar at all.

Some say Alex Jones was recruited by the CIA to become the controlled opposition by the mainstream media. This is true, or at least for the last part it is. I am certain of it. Alex Jones is nothing but an important tool, a strategy that has been employed by Controlled Opposition Groups where their main goal is to stray people away from other things that are happening.

Disinformation is a useful tool that has been commonplace long before television, radio and even newspapers had existed, and now with so many news outlets available; governments and businesses will utilize it as much as possible. The methods are used every single day in order to simply blind the public from the truth and distract us from other news. But what I cannot be certain of is whether the CIA or any other government agency were involved in recruiting him or to help boost his popularity in order for their agenda of distributing propaganda and disinformation to the masses.

What shocked me the most is a video I had stumbled across. The rare video footage that was uploaded to YouTube, proves the team behind Alex Jones, his employees, his internet television and radio show, plus the InfoWars website; is all financed by Time Warner Cable.

That may not come as much of a shock straight away, but Alex Jones has always claimed that InfoWars was completely independent from the mainstream media.

VIDEO: Alex Jones and his team are employed by Time Warner Cable


Having found out that Alex Jones works for Ted Turner (and Ted Turner owns Time Warner); a multinational mass media and entertainment corporation, it instantly became clear that both Alex Jones and the InfoWars production cannot be trusted to provide reliable sources of information.

In the video, an InfoWars employee was questioned by a police officer as he was being asked to stop filming. When the employee showed the police officer some kind of identification, the officer notices the employee works for Time Warner Cable and had repeatedly asked the employee to confirm that he works for the company. The unnamed employee responds with “I work for Alex Jones”; denying any involvement with Time Warner Cable. Viewers, listeners and loyal fans of Alex Jones and his disinformation news organization have been truly deceived.

What news websites can we actually trust to reveal the truth about information like this? That is a big problem and one that we all face with when we need to seek information that is both detailed and accurate. Many websites will often report on something that they claim is absolutely true, but how are we to know if all the facts are not being presented to us? Then you have websites and articles which have been created for the sole purpose of distributing fake news and disinformation.

The ‘about Alex jones’ section of the InfoWars website; clearly states:

VIDEO: Alex Jones says he is Bill Hicks and then admits he isn’t.

VIDEO: Alex Jones questioned in court about him being Bill Hicks.