James Corbett is a journalist who was born and raised in Canada and has a B.A in English from the University of Calgary and an MPhil in Anglo-Irish literature from Trinity College in Dublin. He began teaching English in Japan in 2004. He started the Corbett Report, a news podcast in 2007 and has been described as an alternative news source. His podcasts focus on breaking news and other important issues. James Corbett has been an active contributor to NewsBud, as well as Boiling Frog Post. He also co-hosts New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato of Media Monarchy. The Corbett Report on YouTube had over 569,000 subscribers, a total of more than ninety million views and presently owns almost two thousand videos on YouTube as of April 2021. According to Corbett, it was 14 years of work.

On Friday 9th April 2021, Corbett posted Episode 398 of the Corbett Report Podcast “Science Says” on YouTube. During the night, his channel was removed from YouTube. On the Corbett Report website, James Corbett wrote that he had been warning his audience of the possibility of his videos being banned from YouTube and had several times proposed alternatives for YouTube. He made a presentation last year stating that “The Library of Alexandria is on Fire” where he supposedly noted that he would be banned from YouTube.

The episode of Science Says he posted, James Corbett called out certain misleading proclamations made by publicly recognized, leading government and health personnel such as Dr. Fauci about the Covid-19 pandemic and how to deal with it. He played a recording of Fauci saying masks are unnecessary and another recording where Fauci made a change, claiming that people should wear double masks. In this podcast, Corbett called them “…would be, unaccountable, unelected health overlords…” and stated that they would like everyone to “mindlessly” comply with their rules. He says that these “overlords” make proclamation in the name of science in a bid to control how people do things. He called this phenomenon the “weaponisation of Science”. He referred to the Covid-19 vaccinations as “experimental medical interventions that are being forced upon the population” and the “population are being manipulatively coerced into receiving”.

In this podcast, James Corbett, who seems to have an issue with the “un-appointed and unelected health authorities” who cannot be questioned and how they dictate reality to the populace. According to James, the scientific establishment seem to think anti-science is the latest global security issue as he read an article written by Peter J. Hotez, titled “The Antiscience Movement Is Escalating, Going Global and Killing Thousands”. According to Hotez, anyone who proposes any explanations or recommendations contrary to those put forward by the scientific establishment is a threat to global security and would be dealt with as an international global threat. Basically, Peter J. Hotez’s stance is that any opposition to whatever is proposed by mainstream health organizations are wrong which defeats the true essence of science which is the ability to reject previously accepted theories when new ones are proven to be right. James Corbett also spoke about Dr. Leanne Wen’s interview on CNN where her speech could be seen as a belief that lockdowns and vaccinations would be used to control the ability of citizens to move around. In other words, if one is not vaccinated, the government has the right to make them stay indoors. James Corbett states that this idea may not be in a bid to control people for now, but that it sets a precedent of later years. As innocent as it seems, it is a means of oppression and making people comply with government policies while messing with human rights to choose. James Corbett went on to speak about the effectiveness and failure of the vaccinations around the world. An article states that as mass vaccinations have begun to take place all over the world, some countries have begun to recover while others have begun to become worse, citing an example of Israel and Chile. Israel and Chile are at the forefront of mass vaccinations in the world, however, while Israel has begun to go back to normal life, Chile, where more than a third of the country’s population have received at least one shot of Covid-19 vaccine is going back into lockdown. The reason for the difference in action of the vaccine is unknown.

These vaccines are proclaimed to be safe and genuine by the pharmaceutical, which begs the question, “Why does it not work, at least in Chile?” Explanation given was that people were given a false sense of security from being vaccinated that they did risky things and did not follow restrictions. According to Corbett, the reason given is “wishy-washy, completely unfalsifiable, untestable, unquantifiable sociological explanation.”
Corbett’s main objection was the fact that anyone who disagreed with the mainstream science is seen as a global threat.

Read James’ blog here regarding his account termination.

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