What’s the story?

A national tabloid in the US has published information about a paternity scandal within the Royal Family. The National Enquirer says that Prince Harry’s father is not Prince Charles. They claim thata royal palace insider has blown the whistle on who Harry’s biological father is, and says it is in fact a Welsh Guards Officer named Mark Dyer; not Prince Charles as we have all been led to believe for over 30 years.

Can this really be true? If so, why was the Royal family trying to keep this a secret? Actually yes it can, because we already know for a fact that the Royals have had secret love child’s for hundreds of years, as history has shown.

“The royal family’s past is filled with secrets and lies, but this is the biggest cover-up we’ve seen! The royals have done everything they can to make the world believe Prince Charles is Harry’s dad – even though they look nothing alike. The truth is that Charles is not Harry’s real father”. – Royal Insider

The National Enquirer had described Mark Dyer as ‘a strapping 51-year-old redhead ‘ who is a ‘startling mirror image of Harry,’ who had been invited to Harry’s wedding on 19th May as a guest of honor.

The National Enquirer

‘The royals desperately tried to keep this under wraps, but now that Harry’s invited Mark, the secret’s out!’ the source tells.

The newspaper also reports that Mark has been there for Harry throughout his entire life, and is regularly referred to as the Prince’s ‘mentor.’ A palace insider says, ‘It was Mark, not Charles, who raised Harry after Princess Diana died.’

Paul Burrell’s claim

For a long time it had been speculated that Prince Harry’s real father was actually James Hewitt, a Calvary officer whom Diana once had an affair with during her marriage to Prince Charles. However, Diana’s former butler Paul Burrell had claimed that it’s not Hewitt on the television show, I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here.

‘Diana didn’t know James Hewitt when Harry was born,’ Paul said. ‘She hadn’t yet met James.’

We only have to look at pictures of Prince Harry and Mark Dyer to see similarities between them; and it’s not just the ginger hair that they share. Remember: The Royals are full of secrets and lies; so it’s not hard to imagine that they lied to us about this.

While Paul Burrell gave a clear answer to James Hewitt as not being Harry’s father, he did not however, mention Mark Dyer’s name. In fact, when Burrell was asked…

‘Do you believe that Prince Harry is Charles’ child?’ Paul said ‘Yes.’

So it seems as though Paul Burrell himself does not know who Harry’s true biological father is; therefore indicating that he clearly does not know this well-kept family secret. The royal family has not responded to any of these claims.

Fact Check

The story sounds great doesn’t it? But I’m afraid that’s all it is – a story, and a fictional one; too. The National Enquirer was first to report on the story and it seems it was the tabloid that made this false claim. The National Enquirer has been known for publishing ‘fake news’ like this; and all to gain some traction.

The claim has been investigated thoroughly and no evidence exists (at all); to prove that any of it is true. The National Enquirer mentions a source told them but no name was disclosed. Nobody is shown to confirm whether any parts of the story were correct and therefore I conclude that this story about Prince Harry’s father is Mark Dyer; is entirely false. Prince Charles is the true biological father of Prince William.