According to Dr. Kerry McGregor of Boston Children’s Hospital, if your two-year-old son says, “I’m going to be a Mom,” he’s a potential candidate for biological and chemical castration.

According to Dr. McGregor, psychologist, such statements are indicative of some children’s innate knowledge “from the womb,” that their physical bodies are incompatible with their “true identities”.

It’s one thing to claim that a boy who constantly says, “I’m really a girl” has a problem with gender dysphoria, which used to be seen as a psychiatric disorder. It’s another thing entirely to pick up on a random phrase uttered by a boy that “I’m going to be a Mom” and use that as proof that he’s really a girl.

Dr. McGregor goes on to encourage parents to be simply “supportive” of their young children who “need gender-affirming” treatment, as this will go a long way toward preventing depression and suicidality.

Dr. McGregor doesn’t explain how exactly one might tell a three-year-old boy that he may think he’s a girl and he may believe he’s going to be a mother, but unfortunately, all the “gender-affirming” surgery in the world isn’t going to give him the ability to conceive, gestate, or give birth. Nor does she explain why telling this hopeful mother-to-be that “she” is irreparably infertile is going to minimize the chances of “her” becoming depressed or suicidal.

Given that the castration and genital mutilation practiced by doctors today always have the irreversible effect of making the “patient” infertile, it must have been an unfortunate slip of Dr. McGregor’s tongue when she uttered the “Mom” word.