Over the years, a lot of attention has been garnered by the group called the Illuminati with claims towards developing a New World Order. Most of the attention the group gets are mostly negative as it is alleged that the group conspires to control world affairs by orchestrating events and infiltrating governments by planting agents in governments and their agencies. Many seem to believe that the Illuminati carry out clandestine operations and influence the general public.

The term Illuminati is Latin and means to be enlightened as a reflection of the enlightened ideals of its founder and members and originated as a name for the Enlightenment era secret society, the Bavarian Illuminati, founded on the first of May, 1776 In Bavaria, a part of present day Germany. It was founded by Adam Weishaupt who was born on 6th February, 1748 and was initiated into the Masonic lodge at Munich in 1777. Weishaupt formed the Illuminati with the goal of opposing superstition, religious influence among others. This group, along with Free Masonry and other secret societies gained notoriety and were banned by an edict made by Charles Theodore, Elector of Bavaria who was backed by the Catholic Church. His goal of enlightenment gained through understanding of reason in order to eliminate superstition and prejudice was not received with open arms by the government of his time, hence the secretive nature of the group.

Adam Weishaupt founded the Bavarian Illuminati as a non-clerical professor, whose career had been frustrated by Jesuits who made constant efforts to discredit non-clerical staff. He patterned the Illuminati after the Freemason Order but with his own ideas. It was first called the Covenant of Perfectibility before the name was changed to the Order of Illuminati. They recruited Christians of good character who were rich, docile, willing to learn and between the age range of 18-30. The Illuminati grew in size and reach in Europe but ultimately declined due to internal divisions and indiscretion by its members in 1785.

According to Weishaupt, he was not against religion but opposed the way it was imposed on the general populace and wanted to offer freedom from religious oppression, build up social virtues and increase universal happiness through the Illuminati ideals. He hoped to achieve these by creating a statue of liberty and moral equality by removing the obstacles of subordination, rank and riches. The first Illuminati, a group of five men, met in a forest near Ingolstadt on the night of May 1, 1776. Even though the initial Illuminati failed, modern conspiracy theories are built around the secret society, many of who claim that the Illuminati have always been involved in and even orchestrate major world events such as the French Revolution, Battle of Waterloo and the assassination of the US President John F. Kennedy. Sermons have been preached about the Illuminati and books have been published also. Conspiracy theorists claim that many renowned people are members of the Illuminati, including Presidents of the United States.

The Illuminati used the Minerva owl as its symbol and adopted pseudonyms to avoid identification. There were hierarchies that divided their ranks among which are the novice, Minerval and Illuminated Minerval. Adam Weishaupt’s intent in forming the Illuminati was borne out of a conviction that religious ideas were no longer an adequate belief system to govern modern societies and decided to find another belief system. He came up with the Illumination and propagated a set of ideas and practices that could change the way European states were governed, as opposed to being ruled by the monarchy and the church as they were in the eighteenth century.

According to Chris Hadapp, Co-author of Conspiracy Theories and Secret Societies the founding Illuminati members were distrustful of anyone above the age of 30 as they believed that they were stuck in their ways and could not be changed. Although historically, the Illuminati was stamped out by the government, rumors continue to abound that the society still exists and that politicians, religious leaders, actors and pop stars are members of the Order of Illuminati. According to Mark Dice, an American conspiracy theorist, some celebrities are connected to the Illuminati as they pursue power and propagate Satanism “…through a message of materialism.”

The Illuminati is a secret cult aiming to manipulate the general public through satanic music and movies produced by the entertainment industry. Many movies and music videos showing blood, murders, vampires, aliens among others are being used to desensitize humanity towards the satanic content, thereby conditioning the public into accepting these images as normal. The Illuminati uses ‘puppets’ in the form of the leading music stars and their music videos, sending subliminal messages through their songs and videos. Some of these videos include Katy Perry’s Dark Horse and Bon Appetit music videos. In exchange for passing these messages in their songs, the artists get fame and money. Lady Gaga music videos also show that she may be on the Illuminati’s quest to desensitize the world to satanic messages. A video shows how she is part of the MK Ultra project which is mind control as she is seen walking very slowly down some stairs without blinking, even with the flash of cameras on her. These are but a few of the artists implicated in the Illuminati scheme. Television shows such as the X-Factor, where participants compete against each other are also used by the Illuminati, with themes that expose viewers to subliminal messages used by the satanic cult. Take a look at the featured image of this article and you’ll see many famous singers and songwriters doing a popular Illuminati sign. Unfortunately some of them are unlikely to know the Illuminati connection and its meaning, they are simply being told what to do by their production teams that work in the music business.

The Illuminati also make heavy use of numbers and numerical symbolism in order to carry out planned events. They believe that any event planned outside their numbers will be unsuccessful. Among their numbers include the number 11 and multiples of the number such as 22, 33, 44, and so on. It was discovered by conspiracy theorists how the 9/11 terrorist attacks were planned in sync with the number 11 which is the number of the antichrist. The First World War (WW1) ended on the eleventh day of November (11th Month) and at the eleventh hour. John F. Kennedy was killed according to the occult number 11 as he was assassinated on the 22nd day of the 11th month of the 33rd parallel and he was killed in the Mason Dealey Plaza, the most powerful secret society in the world. The 33rd degree parallel is a supreme honor bestowed only on those who have demonstrated outstanding service to the Freemason Brotherhood.

A lot more can be said about the Illuminati, but this is an expose, showing how much they have subtly infiltrated everyday life of the ordinary human being. This goes to show how much more careful we have to be in consuming media content and public information.