With each passing week, unsettling information regarding COVID vaccines continues to surface. A study conducted by the American Medical Association stated synthetic mRNA was discovered in the breast milk of lactating women and issued a warning to inoculated nursing mothers. In September, Denmark abruptly banned coronavirus immunizations for anyone under 50 years of age. Oxford University researchers announced the experimental jab increases the risk of infection or illness by 44%. CDC officials admit there is a direct correlation between vaccines and fatal heart conditions.

Simultaneously, healthy young people are suddenly dropping dead at an alarming rate. A series of eerily similar bizarre deaths have been caught on CCTV cameras and smartphones worldwide. Afflicted individuals abruptly witness something seemingly terrifying that is not visible to bystanders. While looking up, their eyes grow wide with primal fear as they begin to spin frantically. Victims often raise their arms as if protecting themselves from an unseen assailant. The stricken fall to the ground and begin to shake violently. Here’s a look at some peculiar episodes captured on video:

While these incidents are undoubtedly concerning, viewers are divided on precisely what is unfolding. Some believe the footage is simply capturing grand mal seizures. Others argue this explanation does not account for the sequential reactions of hallucinating, taking a defensive position, spiraling, and dying. What we do know is that since rollouts first began, the VAERS database logged over 1.4 million adverse events. Federal records reveal more than 31,400 people were killed by COVID vaccines.

Rates of neurological issues, heart conditions, cancers, and strokes continue to skyrocket. For the first time in human history, DNA-altering gene therapy has been utilized on a mass scale. Is it any wonder why unprecedented anomalies are now taking place?