The United States of America has faced an onslaught of deaths arising from the use of pharmaceuticals and vaccines which are supposed to help people and alleviate sicknesses. This has raised concern among citizens as the death rates are alarming.

Brandy Vaughan is a former pharmaceutical representative who had been in the system. She founded the Council for Vaccine Safety in response to one of the nation’s first mandatory vaccination for education laws passed in California. Brandy Vaughan, while working in the pharmaceutical industry, had been among those who sold Vioxx, a painkiller. The medicine however, was found to double the risk of strokes and heart attacks and was taken off the market. According to Brandy, she realized then that not every healthcare product that sells on the market is safe for use and that a lot of what has been said by the healthcare industry is not the truth.

Brandy left the pharmaceutical industry and lived in Europe for eight years where she saw how differently healthcare is done from how it is done in the United States. She has since then taken to asking the pediatrician’s what exactly was in the vaccines administered to children. She has carried out research on vaccine ingredients and the diseases they are supposed to guard against and the risks associated with being vaccinated.

Brandy decided that she would raise her son free of chemicals. According to her, “You owe it to your child to do your own research, and not just believe everything you’re told, especially when it’s only one side of the story – the one that prioritizes profit over your child’s health.”

Having been in the pharmaceutical industry, Brandy knows better than anyone how much emphasis is laid on profits by pharmaceutical companies even above the safety of the drug users. Now Brandy dedicates her time to educating people through educational events, rallies and symposiums about the dangers of vaccines. From watching members of her own family use these drugs and suffer the side effects, Brandy decided that she could not continue to work in such an industry wrought with lies. She realized that everything the pharmaceutical companies claimed the drugs did was a lie and that there were casualties.

She left Merck even before Vioxx was pulled from the market but realized, years later, that even children had become casualties in the bid for profit by the pharmaceutical companies. They claimed that vaccines and medications have been tested and were safe to be used by human beings, even while there were studies saying otherwise. The worst thing was there were laws being passed, mandating pharmaceutical drugs for school entry. A record number of childhood illnesses and disorders are caused by these so-called “safe” vaccines and medication. She has chosen to fight by educating people about the dangers of most of the healthcare products that are being produced and many times being sold at exorbitant prices to the general populace.

According to research, the United States of America spends more than any other country on healthcare yet has the most severe cases of health problems than any other country. Most adults have one chronic illness and some eventually die of cancer. In addition to exposure to synthetic chemicals, polluted air and water, food laced with pesticides, many Americans are exposed to pharmaceutical drugs including vaccines, which contain multiple harmful and synthetic agents even from childhood. Many of these vaccines and drugs have ingredients that should never be put into the human body and according to research, are contributing to the rising cases of chronic health problems.

The healthcare system, instead of being the lifesaving agent it is meant to be, has become the leading cause of death in the US, according to a 2016 report from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Medical errors may now be the third leading cause of death in the United States with a record of about 251,000 lives every year. Properly prescribed drugs also take their share of lives and are the fourth-leading cause of death in the country according to a 2014 study. An average of 106,000 people die every year from prescribed drugs. Vaccines in addition to medical errors and prescription drugs contribute to a business that is ultimately fatal to consumers. Vaccines contain toxic ingredients which cause cancers and autoimmune diseases.

Brandy Vaughan, who had been a Sales Rep for Merck Pharmaceuticals, founded a non-profit organization called Learn The Risk for educating people worldwide on the dangers of vaccines and pharmaceutical products. Having seen the corruption from inside the pharmaceutical companies and the fact that their focus is on profit rather than safe health of their consumers, she decided that she had to take a step to stop them, or at least make as many people as she can aware of their fraud. The pharmaceutical industry thrives on the sick, so they have devised and developed vaccines and drugs that keeps the populace sick and keeps them in business.

Through Learn the Risk, she has been able to expose the truth behind the so-called healthcare system and educate people on how to take charge of their own health through natural means and totally boycott vaccines and medications. She founded this non-profit in response to the mandatory vaccinations law SB277 passed in her hometown, California.

She is teaching people to question the components or ingredients used in producing drugs and vaccines. Having lived outside of America for eight years, she observed that children in other countries are exposed to less vaccines compared to children in the United States, yet children in other countries are healthier than children in the United States who have been loaded with vaccines and chemicals.

Merck pharmaceuticals among others have a history of shady vaccines and drugs. According to InfoWars, the Merck Pharmaceuticals AquaMEPHYTON injection, which is a vitamin K solution contains 0.9% alcohol. The shocking thing is that this vaccine is meant to be administered to children. Some of the vitamin K vaccines contain 10mg of Polysorbate 80 which has been strongly linked to infertility and autoimmune diseases. In addition, it is an additive put in colorants. Needless to say, it is quite harmful to humans and should not be ingested in any form. However, this chemical and other harmful ones are active ingredients in vaccines meant for human beings.

Doctors have been recorded saying these Vitamin K shots contain only vitamin K and saline and so are not harmful to their babies. This has turned out to be untrue. One other brand of the Vitamin K shots contains “no more than 100mcg/L of aluminum” according to the label. Everyone knows that aluminum in whatever quantity is not good for a human, not to talk of for new born babies. The Herpes B vaccine contains more than 250mgc/L of aluminum so babies are being injected with aluminum at birth. The effects of these doses of harmful chemicals may not be seen immediately. They however, become evident down the road, when the child is older and develop into complications.

Concerning the mandatory vaccine laws, Brandy Vaughan speaking to InfoWars reporter analyzed how the drive behind the laws is to increase profits for the pharmaceuticals, Merck in particular in relation to the HPV vaccine. Merck is looking into billions of dollars of profit with the sale of these vaccines. Adverse reactions to Gardasol, which is the HPV vaccine made by Merck Pharmaceuticals, has been recorded in various parts of the country with young women experiencing seizures, convulsions and even death in some cases after having the vaccine.

Lawsuits have been filed all over the United States but according to Vaughan, vaccines and the companies that produce them have full liability protection by the federal government, therefore they cannot be held accountable for injuries, adverse reactions or deaths resulting from their vaccines being administered. Studies show that vaccine makers make far more profit over vaccines than they do from other pharmaceutical drugs. This fuels their profit-over-safety campaigns.

The pharmaceutical companies have taken their drive for profit to a level that they use scare tactics on parents in order to get them to have their children vaccinated. They go as far as having the doctors and nurses give parents information that scares them such as possible bleeding among other symptoms if they decided that they did not want their kids to be vaccinated. They have made these vaccinations part of standard practice in the United states, which according to Brandy Vaughan is not obtainable in other countries.

She had her son in Holland, and according to her, there was no mention of the Vitamin K vaccine there. This shows that what has been slated as a standard practice in the United States is not seen as such in other countries of the world. After the birth of her child, Brandy claims that the hospitals did not talk to her about vaccines until after two months and she was allowed to make the choice. In developed countries, the US leads the world in infant mortality in spite of the “helpful” vaccination of newborn children.

Some people are of the opinion that even the way these drugs and vaccines are developed are not safe and would prefer to keep their kids safe by not allowing them to be vaccinated. They believe that their children are safer without the vaccines than with them. In addition to keeping them safe and healthy, refusing the vaccine also saves money. It is not surprising that these vaccines are quite expensive. Many vaccines contain bizarre ingredients, some of which are monkey kidney cells among other animal DNA. This definitely would have effects on a DNA level, which brings us to the matter of DNA modification, which is the idea that some people want to play god and mess with human DNA, apart from making profit from the sickness and health problems they cause.

Most of these drugs and vaccines do not go through proper safety studies or do not undergo any tests at all. There are n long term safety tests as the FDA fast tracks them all. Any test they manage to do are not done with the proper placebos and are substandard at best. There are no combination tests to test how each vaccine reacts to the other even though babies are injected with between six to seven doses on each vaccination visit.

The FDA has approved 271 new vaccines and one cannot help but ask, “For what?” What new diseases do they anticipate or do they develop that require this amount of new vaccines? The only answer one can safely come up with is these new vaccines have been developed in a bid to make more profit. They keep coming up with new vaccines, creating a profitable market out of an already saturated market.

It is ridiculous how many vaccines they give to babies. The SB277 law which was passed in California recommends thirty-five vaccines on a child before they can be part of the school system. This among other factors, caused Brandy Vaughn to strengthen her fight against the big Pharmaceuticals especially Merck which stood to gain the most being the biggest baby vaccines producer. She said this in another interview with InfoWars in October of 2015.

On December 8, 2020, Brandy Vaughn was found dead in her home by her ten-year old son. Prior to her demise, she had posted on her Facebook that she “NEVER had any thoughts of taking her own life, not once, ever. Even before I had my son.” She loved her son which was evident in her parenting, according to close family and friends, who found his death to be suspicious and suspect foul play as she had been quite vocal in her fight against the big pharmaceutical companies, especially Merck.

Brandy Vaughan had previously confided in friends that she felt like a “sitting duck” in her house as certain events around her made her feel she was being watched. She had dedicated her life and resources to a worthy course, trying to educate people on the health dangers they were exposed to in the name of vaccinations and healthcare.

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