Infowars host Alex Jones turned into a horse after apparently ingesting Ivermectin live on air in a viral parody skit on the Alex Jones Show.

Jones mocked critics of Ivermectin in a comical skit on the Alex Jones show, where the right wing conservative radio host consumed the drug live on air and then turned into a horse. After ingesting the Ivermectin, Jones said “Mmm. Oh my gosh. That is absolutely hideous. I mean, they told me not to take it.” As the camera panned over to images of a neighing horse and lightning flashing on the screen next to him, Jones began laughing and making donkey noises.

“Hee-haw! Hee-haw! Hee-haw! Hee-haw!” Jones said as the camera panned back over, revealing him wearing a donkey mask. “I turned into a Democrat! I took the Ivermectin! Oh no, Fauci’s right! I didn’t turn into a horse!”

Despite objections from mainstream media pundits and government officials, many health experts have pointed to Ivermectin as an effective early treatment for COVID-19. The drug gained more popularity after television and film actress Kirstie Alley, 70, revealed on Twitter that she used Ivermectin and a cocktail of other drugs, popularized by podcast legend Joe Rogan, to treat her COVID-19. Alley says she recovered fully in 12 days, with most symptoms subsiding in two days, as National File reported.

Sharing a video in which Joe Rogan described how he treated his COVID-19, Alley revealed she used similar drugs to massive success, despite being in a higher risk age group. “I did almost the same protocol when I got it,” wrote Alley. “It sucked for two days then I was just tired [with] no sense of smell or taste for 10 more days.”