The truth is actually worse than you think. I brought someone much smarter than me to really break it down.

  • The WEF now has full control over United States, Germany, France, UK, Australia, Canada, Netherlands, New Zealand. It is genuinely time to organize against this terrorist group and demand ANY politicians w/ connections be removed. No Great Reset, No Agenda 2030.  Z For Liberty
  • Hundreds of schools in the Netherlands are now feeding children mealworms and insects because it’s “sustainable”. Meanwhile the state is talking about seizing/forcing farmers to sell their land to the state to meet climate goals. Welcome to The Great Reset. – Peter Sweden
  • There is no “climate emergency” and there was no “covid emergency” It’s all about power, control, money, and implementing their “Great Reset” – Matthew H
  • Bill Gates Says The Ukraine / Russia War Will Be A Good Thing In The Long Run… Because It Will Speed Up The ‘Transition’ Further Accelerating UN Agenda 21 / WEF Great Reset… Does This War Make Sense Now? Problem-Reaction-Solution…