Donald Trump has been indicted not once, not twice, but THREE times in this year alone. Why? He committed the gravest sin known to man: He questioned the integrity of the 2020 election. As we all know, that was the most secure election of all time! For context, before April, no former president had ever been indicted. While the latest indictment focuses on events surrounding January 6, don’t be fooled. This has NOTHING to do with election 2020 and EVERYTHING to do with election 2024. The Deep State is real, and its members have been building an election-winning machine for years now. They took it for a test drive in 2020. And they’re working hard to perfect it by 2024. Because once it’s fully operational, it will seem impossible for a dissident candidate to win a fair election ever again. But Glenn explains it’s important that we not lose hope: don’t take the black pill. There’s still a way to return the electoral system to its factory settings, and it starts with exposing what we’re up against …

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