While absolutely absurd, the Democrats continue to offer outlandish incentives in a way to try and coax them into taking the plunge. These offers included a $200 Visa gift card and a chance at winning a $100,000 college scholarship. But, while the Biden administration continues their war on COVID-19, a new video was released. And this time, it wasn’t about the “benefits,” but rather the side effects that neither the White House nor big pharma are willing to discuss.

In the video originally released by Steve Kirsh and reAct 19 Org, featured above, average Americans are shown displaying the severe side effects of the COVID-19 jab. Not only that, but children are also showcased as once being happy, healthy kids with no care in the world. Sadly, after receiving the COVID-19 drug offered by Pfizer and Moderna, the children’s lives are destroyed and forever changed as the data behind the potential side effects of these drugs continues to be hidden from the public.