The BBC has reached a new low with its newly released documentary titled Unvaccinated.

The documentary follows a group of what the program calls “anti-vaxxers” in order to persuade participants to take the COVID-19 vaccine. The contestants on the show are told false and out-of-context analogies referring to vaccine efficacy and COVID-19 polling, in an attempt to change their minds and by the end of the documentary, ask if they would take the vaccine.

Currently, in the United Kingdom, COVID-19 mandates and restrictions have been scrapped including mandatory mask policies, social distancing, coercion of the vaccine in the workplace and even travelling out of the UK for unvaccinated citizens is now possible depending on the country one travels to.

The documentary received many complaints and criticism from viewers regarding the extreme bias and blatant distortion of the truth around vaccine efficacy and how they edited the guests to make them say things out of context.

A colleague of mine and some viewers sent the documentary to me and asked me to react to it, so here are my thoughts.