Last week the prime minister of NATO member Poland said, “I expect that there will be very strong confirmation of our resilience and our joint efforts to defeat Russia in Ukraine.” Wait — is THAT what we are doing in Ukraine? Are we trying to help Ukraine, or is this really a proxy war? Meanwhile, the escalation continues. China is considering arming Russia. Biden is QUADRUPLING U.S. troop presence on Taiwan and is also in talks with Poland to increase U.S. boots on the ground. Russian state TV is claiming that the United States has “declared war” on Russia. All of these escalations happened WITHIN THE LAST WEEK. When will all of this be enough? Glenn heads to the chalkboard to outline the pros and cons of staying involved in the Russia-Ukraine war. Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin tells Glenn we should provide support to Ukraine with a goal of achieving either an all-out victory for Ukraine or a negotiated settlement that acknowledges the legitimacy of Ukrainian sovereignty. Former Department of Defense intelligence analyst and Glenn Beck head researcher Jason Buttrill tells Glenn, “The Cold War never ended, and it’s time to stop arming and FUNDING Ukraine.” Glenn reveals where he lands after he hears from both sides of the debate.

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