Ob/Gyn Dr. James Thorp last week sounded the alarm over the COVID-19 injection’s “massive” side-effects on pregnant women.

Dr. Thorp made the comments during an appearance on popular physician Dr. Drew Pinsky’s Ask Dr. Drew podcast, during which he discussed a shocking spike in miscarriages, fetal cardiac arrest, fetal malformation, fetal cardiac arrhythmia and inter-uterine growth restrictions caused by placental complications. 

“This is the great disaster in the history of medicine,” said Dr. Thorp of the COVID-19 injections. “This is the greatest disaster in the history of obstetrics.” 

“It’s completely against science,” he said, adding that he “will fight it until my last breath.” 

The Ob/Gyn, who specializes in high-risk obstetrics, also discussed advice from the UK against administering the COVID-19 injections to pregnant or breastfeeding women. As America’s Frontline News first reported in August, the advice was buried in a report by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) throughout the entire pandemic.   

“I have a lot of emotional trauma, I have a lot of moral and ethical trauma from having to see what I’ve seen and the devastation and destruction of my pregnant women, my preborn children and my newborn children and women of reproductive age. I’m very, very angry at this administration and the whole political situation where we as physicians have a formal gag order put on us.” 

The physician explained how the injections biologically impact fetuses through the thymus gland. 

“I suspect the cause of [the VAIDS cases] is because of the thymus gland,” Thorp said. “The thymus gland is under the sternum, and it’s massive in the fetus – very tiny in [adults]. But it’s the organ that’s responsible for seeding all of the t-cell clones. And if you look at that Japanese biodistribution data, it also [shows that it] concentrates in the thymus. 

“I think there was a four-fold increase in the thymus, but that’s in an adult […] if you look at a newborn thymus it’s probably more like 120-fold because it’s so vascular and lipophilic,” he surmised, “and these children might have lifelong VAIDS because of that insult to the thymus in utero.” 

In June, America’s Frontline News detailed scientific evidence on the harmful impact of the injections on pregnant and breastfeeding women.