We are entering a stage in the fundamental transformation of America where violence is now accepted and even ENCOURAGED by some on the Left. If anyone dares to counter the dangerous rhetoric coming from some in the trans movement, you WILL face the consequences. Just look at what happened to former NCAA All-American female swimmer Riley Gaines during a speech at San Francisco State University. After being forced to compete against and share a locker room with Lia Thomas, her message was simple: “Women deserve their own spaces.” For that she says she was ambushed and hit twice. She had to stay locked in a safe room while the mob shouted at her about trans rights and held her hostage unless she paid them for a safe exit. She tells Glenn the transgender movement comes “under the disguise of love and tolerance, but I have faced the exact OPPOSITE.” But WHY do these activists feel emboldened to commit violence without consequence? Why do companies like Bud Light, Nike, and Olay mock their customer base to partner with trans activist Dylan Mulvaney? Glenn reveals the top-down strategy being deployed in the government, the streets, and corporate America, and he exposes the invisible enforcement arm of the progressive movement that tells American businesses: You will obey … or else. If it feels like we’re living through our own quiet revolution, it’s because we are, argues historian Victor Davis Hanson. He says America has three potential futures for how it all ends. At the crossroads between good and evil, the French chose the guillotine. Which way will we go?

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