Twenty-one-year-old Gemma Barker, from Staines, is currently serving 30 months in prison for fraud and sexual assault. Over the course of several months Gemma invented and impersonated three different boys, ‘Aaron’, ‘Luke’ and ‘Connor’ and under these three separate guises went on to seduce two teenage girls. With exclusive access, this film tells the extraordinary and chilling story through the personal accounts of Gemma’s victims.

Aaron, Luke and Connor each had their own Facebook page, email address and mobile phone number, and through emotional manipulation, both as their friend Gemma and as the three ‘boys’, the highly intelligent, but dangerously good actress, Gemma was able to create a complex set of identities and relationships in order to get close to 18-year-olds Jessica Sayers and ‘Alice’, who speak frankly about their experiences.

In 2009, Jessica Sayers and her best friend ‘Alice’, both 15, became close friends with Gemma Barker, a girl two years older at school. Jessica had been going out with a boy, Luke Jones, but had ended it after he acted inappropriately in public towards her. Her friend Gemma then encouraged Jessica to have a relationship with Connor McCormack, who she met and fell in love with. In both cases, unbeknownst to Jessica, her boyfriend was actually the same girl, Gemma.

Alice, the other victim in this incredible story, meanwhile was the steady girlfriend of Aaron Lampard – a boy whom she and Jessica had originally met online as a mutual friend of Gemma’s. For several months, Alice had a physical relationship with Aaron without ever realising that he was actually Gemma Barker in disguise.

The Girl Who Became Three Boys also explores Gemma Barker’s possible motivations for her bizarre, criminal behaviour. This is a story of deception, abuse and the damaging consequences of misusing modern social networking on the lives of two innocent teenage girls.