In this first episode of Headwind2 you will get to know Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA technology, on which the new generation of covid vaccines is based. Dr. Malone is interviewed by journalist Jakobien Huisman.

Location: Finca Don Carmelo, a small farm in Andalucia.

Dr. Malone, who owns a farm in Virginia in the US, clearly feels at ease in this rural environment, which prompts him to be more personal than usual. His wife, Dr. Jill Glasspool, who always accompanies her husband on his travels, is introduced when the Headwind crew takes the couple on a mini-trip to the town of Ronda, The dramatic and spectacular gorge, spanned by a 19th-century bridge which during the Civil War was used to ‘deplatform’ adversaries, forms a sinister yet apt backdrop for an enlightening interview with this high-profile scientists couple.

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