The year 2022 has become known as the Year of Confirmed Conspiracy Theories, when nearly all major challenges to federal messaging in the last three years — stamped as “conspiracy theories” by media outlets — were confirmed as true.

One of those conspiracy theories, however, remains unresolved: Is the COVID-19 vaccine a tool being used by a secret cabal of billionaires to further their goal of depopulation?

Mainstream media say no, which necessarily begs a deeper look.

First, the question must be asked: Is there really a secret cabal of billionaires bent on depopulation?

The answer is yes.

In 2009, The Guardian reported that Bill Gates, George Soros, Warren Buffett, Oprah Winfrey, David Rockefeller, Ted Turner and Eli and Edythe Broad held a secret meeting at the President’s House of Rockefeller University in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. So classified was the meeting that the billionaires’ aides were told it was a “security briefing”.

For six hours, says The Guardian, the elite barons discussed the world’s problems and how to solve them. These included education, emergency relief, government reform, and other issues.

But after a presentation by Bill Gates, the moguls agreed that the most troubling concern facing the planet is overpopulation, reported the Wall Street Journal.

“Such a stand wouldn’t be surprising,” said the WSJ. “Mssrs. Gates, Buffett and Turner have been quietly worrying about Malthusian population problems for years. Mr. Gates in February outlined a plan to try to cap the world’s population at 8.3 billion people, rather than the projected 9.3 billion at which the population is expected to peak.”

To help slow population growth, the Bill and Melinda Foundation donates $280 million per year to “develop new and improved contraceptive technologies, support family planning programs that reflect the preferences of local communities, and enable women and girls to be in control of their own contraceptive care.”

George Soros has been a large financial supporter of Planned Parenthood, which was itself created to eugenically curb Black population growth.

While contraceptives and feticide have managed to become accepted forms of depopulation would a post-WWII society really employ more aggressive means to slow population growth, such as forced sterilization?

The answer is yes.

In 1975, Indian politician Sanjay Gandhi used a public emergency declared by his mother then-Prime Minister Indira Gandhi to push through a mass sterilization campaign.

“He strongly believed that curbing population was essential for the economic development of India. According to Sanjay Gandhi, family planning should, henceforth, be a way of life in India,” says a report published by the Association for Asian Studies.

Gandhi gave each state sterilization quotas to be met “by any means possible”. Those means included physical and indirect force.

In a program now familiar to many, the Indian government issued sterilization mandates stating that Indians would have their pay or promotion withheld until they agreed to be sterilized. One needed to show proof of sterilization in order to receive a salary, renew a driving license, or receive free medical care. Students whose parents had not been sterilized were detained.

Gandhi also had “vasectomy camps” set up. In Utter Pradesh, India’s most populous state, vasectomy camps were at one point performing 5,664 procedures a day. When presented with reports of forced vasectomies, Gandhi declared them “fabricated”.

Poor and underserved communities were the most affected, and there were no religious exemptions.

“Moreover, Mr. Gandhi argued that family planning was permitted by all religions, so no one could be spared from sterilization for religious reasons,” adds the report.

In 1975 alone, an estimated eight million Indians — mainly poor young men — were sterilized.

Those who resisted were met with police brutality and curfews, though media censorship quelled such reports.

So there’s a powerful group bent on depopulation and a real precedent for totalitarian globalists supporting forced medical procedures to slow population growth. But can the COVID-19 vaccine even do that?

The answer is yes.

A peer-reviewed study published in June of last year found that the COVID-19 injections impair motility in men for about five months. The annual COVID shots being pushed by the Biden administration means that male fertility can be significantly impacted on a regular basis.

Some medical experts have also been vocal about the COVID-19 vaccine’s damage to children and pregnant and breastfeeding women.

“I have a lot of emotional trauma, I have a lot of moral and ethical trauma from having to see what I’ve seen and the devastation and destruction of my pregnant women, my preborn children and my newborn children and women of reproductive age,” says Dr. James Thorpe, a prominent Ob/Gyn. “I’m very, very angry at this administration and the whole political situation where we as physicians have a formal gag order put on us.”

Last month, a whistleblower nurse revealed that stillbirths at her hospital have skyrocketed, from one every few months to about five a week.

So we have a powerful, influential group intent on slowing population growth and a vaccine that has been found to slow population growth, and the elite group has been relentlessly promoting that vaccine. But are the billionaires pushing the vaccine for that purpose?

The answer is unconfirmed.

While it might make logical sense to assume so, it has not been confirmed by Gates, Soros, or any of the other billionaire medical utopians. The media have used that fact to tag and discard the above suggestion as a “conspiracy theory”.

It is unclear, however, whether any confirmation will be forthcoming, given the social and political repercussions likely to follow.